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Homeschool Schedule

Just as each homeschooling family is unique, every homeschool's schedule will be unique to that family's needs, preferences, teaching philosophy, learning style, etc.
Responses from various Homeschool Moms
Helpful Articles and Scheduling Guidelines
Sample Schedules

"With homeschooling you tend to 'live' the learning, rather than it being something separate. It all really just becomes part of the same thing. The learning happens so naturally throughout the homeschool day that you forget you are learning".
~ Homeschool Ideas


Responses from Various Homeschool Moms about Homeschool Schedules

A Later Start Time
"My husband works very long hours, arriving home after 8 pm Monday through Friday. Homeschooling has allowed us to shift our schedule so that the children could have time with their Dad every evening. When Dad comes home, we have "changing of the guard" where Mom goes "off duty" and Dad takes over. He immediately gets changed and spends time with all the children, playing games, wrestling on the floor, reading books, etc. He also takes care of a bedtime snack for the little ones, and sharply at 10 pm, he starts the bedtime routine with pottying, teeth brushing, Bible reading, and prayer. Because of this late schedule the children also sleep a little later every morning and our homeschooling day starts mid- to late morning. I usually explain to people that we're just on a different time zone. The rewards of this alternative schedule is in the wonderful bond our children have with their father. They are jubilant and excited when Dad comes home and litterally jumps into his arms the minute he sets foot in the house." ~ Beth (Homeschooling Mom of Three)
A Day In The Rachel Harris (Keep the Way)
A preschool homeschool mom's description of a typical homeschool day.


Sample Homeschool Schedule, by Cindy Downes (Oklahoma Homeschool)
Provides helpful tips on what to consider when scheduling the homeschool day, and also a recommended "teaching plan" for each subject.

Self-Directed Learning and a Time Out Schedule
, from Homeschool Ideas


Examples of Homeschool Schedules


A Daily Homeschool Schedule for Successful Homeschooling, from Homeschool Ideas
An interesting example of a Post-It Note schedule and helpful tips on homeschool scheduling.

A Typical Homeschool Day
, from Heart of Wisdom blogspot.
The scheduling ideas and approaches of various homeschools who have children of various ages, family sizes from two to 14, a variety of curricula, and many different teaching philosophies.

Emma's Homeschool Schedule, from Homeschool Ideas
A weekly schedule in spreadsheet format for two homeschool children.

Homeschool Weekly Schedule, from Homeschool Ideas
An example of a curriculum based schedule

Our Homeschool Day, from Homeschool Ideas

Preschool: Sample Day Schedule, by a Homeschooling Mom of Two





Any homeschooler could have a great school day with the kids,
clean house and have a warm meal on the table when hubby got home...
just not all on the same day!

~ Unknown Homeschooler


Last Update: May 19, 2014



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but the lighting of a fire.

~ W.B. Yeats
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~ Henry David Thoreau
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