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Teaching Approaches
Waldorf Method
Rudolph Steiner

The Waldorf Method of Education was pioneered by the Austrian scientist and philosopher, Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925). According to his philosophy, man is a threefold being of spirit, soul and body whose capacities unfold in three developmental stages.

In 1919, Rudolf Steiner was invited to give a series of lectures to the workers of the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart, Germany. The factorys owner, Emil Molt, consequently asked Steiner to establish and head a school for the children of the factory's employees. Steiner agreed to do so, but insisted that the teachers who would be working directly with the children take the leading role in the running of the school, with a minimum of interference from governmental or economic concerns. Molt agreed, and the Free Waldorf School was opened shortly thereafter.


Steiner had a anthroposophical view of the human being, which included reincarnation and the evolution of the human soul. The foundational belief is that the emphasis of education in the younger years, should be on imagination in learning, with a gradual increase in analytical thinking as children get older.
Waldorf Curriculums
Articles and More About The Waldorf Method
Free Waldorf Resources

The word Anthroposophy comes from the Greek words anthro (human) and sophia (wisdom). In Anthroposophy one is encouraged to awaken to one's own inner nature and to that of the outer world through a means of study and practical observation that continually asks the question: What is a human being? Steiner believed that this aproach is the key to awakening an authentic creativity and fostering a deep reverence for all life in every child. The goal of a Waldorf school education is that children reach their destinies as fully integrated humans, both mentally and spiritually.

Essectially Waldorf education follows a curriculum which parallels the developmental stages of the child. It's objective is to educate the whole child; head, heart and hands, and it therefore requires a unique teaching methodology.

Many homeschool families choose to invent their own Waldorf program in their home, rather than purchasing a Waldorf homeschooling curriculum.

May our feeling penetrate
To the centerpoint of our hearts
And seek, in love, to unite itself
With human beings of like goal
And with spirit beings full of grace
Who strengthen us from realms of light
And illuminate our love
While gazing down
On our earnest heart-felt striving.

- Rudolf Steiner, 1923
a verse for America


Resources related to the The Waldorf Approach
The Waldorf Method Curriculums


Live Education
Live Education! p roduces homeschooling supplies for families and institutions inspired by a Waldorf perspective. They offer individualized curriculum and pedagogical support (K-8) to form the basis for full-time home education or to supplement traditional schooling.






The Christopherus Curriculum
An integrated, holistic, inspiring and flexible curriculum based on Rudolf Steiner's work and specifically geared towards home schools.








Articles and More About The Waldorf Method

Waldorf Curriculum Overview
by the Waldorf Family Network

A basic overview of the Waldorf Curriculum content typically offered in a traditional Waldorf school setting including Primary Grades (1-3), Middle Grades (4-6), Upper Grades (7-8), High School (7-12).

Getting Started with Waldorf Homeschooling
by Christopherus


The Curriculum of the Steiner School
(Grades 1-8) by Waldorf Curriculum





Free Waldorf Method Resources







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Education is not
the filling of a pail,
but the lighting of a fire.

~ W.B. Yeats
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What we want to see
is the child in pursuit
of knowledge,
not knowledge
in pursuit of the child.
~ George Bernard Shaw
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